Hi, my name is Daniele Carrer. I live in Italy, and I created a laboratory to restore:

  • 8 mm
  • super 8
  • 16 mm

films. I know this is not enough to trust me.

More than that, I have a collection of hundreds of home movies I bought around the world.

Over the years I have provided dozens of documentary productions through my archive, including documentaries broadcast by HBO, Amazon Prime and BBC.

You can watch some of these on the main streaming platforms, like Netflix, as shown in the screenshot of the ending credits of a documentary by the great David Attenborough titled Breaking Boundaries: The Science Of Our Planet.

David Attenborough's productions and Netflix's originals have the largest budgets on the market, so they didn't buy my footage because it is cheap, but because the level of digitization and restoration of my videos is good enough even for the best audiovisual products.

You can watch my archive on this site. Of course, it was created with videos that I have purchased around the world by agreeing with their owners, certainly not by stealing them from the customers who chose my telecine service.

But there’s a final step to understand if I can be the guy for you: checking the videos I’ve already digitized and restored. Like I said, I have hundreds on my YouTube channel, but now I will show you a test that may prove to you the quality I can achieve.

This home movie was shot in Egypt in 1980 by a tourist who first went to a low cost lab to digitize the film and then came to me: screen on the right:

What do you think?

Please use the form below to contact me if you want me to work on your films.


The price to digitize and restore your 8 mm, super 8 and 16 mm films in my laboratory is always 4 euros per minute of footage, regardless of the format or the fact that they are mute or sound.