Our history on films

Effective today, the quality with which I created the largest project in the world for preserving and publishing amateur films becomes available to everyone. Learn more.

There are many online telecine services.

Some of them will ruin your memories with unacceptable quality and equipment that can damage your films.

Others use professional scanners like I do, but they have not developed the same restoration system I use, thanks to powerful post-production techniques.

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Among my customers there is ... Netflix

Telecine services on the internet usually talk about their customers, display their photos and quote words attributed to them.

When I see those kinds of pages, a question always arises inside me:

Are those true stories or did they make them up?

I have hundreds of customers who have been satisfied with my work, but I am not talking about them for this very reason: in the age of Photoshop, it would not be difficult to fake them.

So I want to show you something that you can check yourself about a very important client of mine.

If you go to Netflix and search for Vilas, you will find a documentary about a great tennis player from the 1970s. In the credits, and more precisely at 1:34:02, you will find the list of who supplied archival footage to make it:

Among these, there is Footage For Pro, a parallel of mine with which I sell historical videos to documentary directors and which you can find illustrated on this other site of mine (my name, Daniele Carrer, is at the bottom of the homepage).

Those who love nature documentaries will certainly know Sir David Attenborough. He made “Breaking Boundaries: The Science Of Our Planet” for Netflix in 2021.

Like all his productions he was involved and like all the Netflix original productions, the budget was huge.

If you go to the end credits at 1:17 from the end, you will find the list of who provided the footage for the documentary:

Marked with the red arrow, as you can easily check if you are a Netflix customer, there is Daniele Carrer Archive.

The system with which I digitized those films is the same one I use for the films that customers like you send me. For some reason, the latter is even better, because I constantly improve it.

If the quality I offer was not high, would Netflix have ever used historical footage that has been digitized and restored by me?

The price to digitize and restore your 8 mm, super 8 and 16 mm films in my laboratory is always 4 euros per minute of footage, regardless of the format or the fact that they are mute or sound.

If you want me to work on your home movies, please contact me with this form: